December 19, 2022

Customer Experience Boutique/CX BoutiqueAventus Announces,Founder & Chairman, Josh Royal, Will Return As CEO Effective January 2023.

Call times and refund rates used to be the conventional metrics for measuring a successful customer service team. But the fact is, successful e-commerce customer care programs are far more nuanced—you also need customer service agents who see the big picture. The best customer service centers know a truly happy agent is more productive, and being surrounded by like-minded professionals makes the customer contact side of your business more productive too. Here are five things that you can do to keep your team sharp and your customers satisfied.

Agent-Centric Training Program

We have spent years honing the perfect training program that balances ramp up speed and cost effectiveness, while allowing us to remain nimble when our clients scale. Our training program employs a crawl, walk, run approach seldom seen in the call center space that averages 2-3 weeks - typical training programs of our competitors can last as little as 3 days. But ongoing training is just as important as the initial training. For that reason, in addition to our highly regimented training program. Aventus Touch™ program allows new agents to be continually mentored by a senior customer service expert. Furthermore, unlike most customer service centers, we hire our Quality Assurance (QA) reps from a pool of our best agents. This creates a mentor-protege relationship between QA and our reps, where agents actually value QA input.

Superb Product Knowledge

Your agents don’t know what they don’t know. Aventus agents have accumulated years of product knowledge from multiple campaigns - making them subject matter experts in the verticals they represent. They use this in-depth product knowledge to develop personal, product-driven solutions for every customer who calls our centers. Being able to think analytically about a customer and their relationship with your product makes a huge difference when building product value in the e-commerce space.

Technological Fluency

Ensuring your tech stack integrates with your call center can save you time and headaches. Aventus easily integrates all campaigns with our clients existing infrastructure. Our clients existing solutions remain intact allowing Aventus clients to rest assured that their new customer service team is highly proficient in their technological framework.

Quick Response

Getting a qualified representative interacting with your customer as soon as that customer has a concern is absolutely critical. A surprising 73% of people believe that valuing their time is the most important thing in any online customer experience. Resolving customer queries as quickly and completely is the cornerstone of good customer service. At Aventus, our target Average Speed of Answer is less than 20 seconds, and our agents fully equipped to give accurate and relevant information across the spectrum of customer service needs.

Performance transparency

When you elect to partner your e-commerce company with a BPO you’re entitled to peace of mind. Aventus built out a completely unique dashboard interface to serve as a one stop shop for all your customer care needs. The Aventus Client Experience or “ACE” is an easy-to-use hub that hosts all of your call metrics (like Average Speed to Answer, Average Call Handle Time, and Abandon Rate), billing information, and recordings, conveniently structured to provide actionable information that enables you to focus on your business.

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