April 8, 2024

Turning Setbacks into Comebacks: The Aventus and NuFACE Partnership

Industry: Beauty Devices

NuFACE, a leader in at-home beauty devices, is recognized for its microcurrent technology that offers clinically proven benefits in toning, firming, and reducing wrinkles. Founded by aesthetician Carol Cole and her daughters in Southern California, NuFACE originated from Carol's experience in a renowned spa and her commitment to addressing anti-aging concerns. NuFACE's growth encompasses diverse channels, from high-end retailers to international markets, solidifying its reputation through professional backing, celebrity endorsements, and a dedicated customer base. The brand's journey from a family concept to a global entity highlights its commitment to accessible, professional-grade beauty solutions.

In September 2022, we started working with NuFACE. Despite a promising beginning, we experienced challenges in onboarding and execution. This led to an amicable termination of our initial partnership. Post this setback, we used it as an opportunity for internal introspection and process improvement with a focus on winning back NuFACE's business. This case study outlines the actions taken by Aventus to win back and fortify the partnership with NuFACE.

Our Initial Challenges

During the early phase of our partnership with NuFACE, Aventus encountered several key challenges. In the material creation process, a lack of effective communication alignment led to the development of training materials that were not ideally tailored. This misalignment also impacted the training process, where the fast-paced schedule limited in-depth product comprehension.

Further challenges in the Aventus-NuFACE partnership included project hand-offs hindered by inefficient processes, which lead to delays and coordination issues. The lack of a well-established communication channel with NuFACE contributed to frequent misunderstandings. Additionally, the performance review mechanism was less effective due to inadequate coaching methods and poor documentation practices, complicating the process of identifying and resolving issues.

How we deal with Challenges

We really like NuFACE and their people, so we knew we wanted to make this partnership work. In a renewed engagement, we collaborated closely with NuFACE to enhance the effectiveness of our training programs. We painstakingly reviewed each training document and even embraced unconventional methods recommended by NuFACE, such as device lift-along sessions. This meticulous, collaborative effort not only dialed us into the unique requirements of NuFACE but also demonstrated our mutual commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. In addition, we designed and established a plan of action that addressed the four main issues we had faced during the start of our collaboration with NuFACE.


Quality over Quantity: The new training strategy prioritized depth over speed, carefully calibrating the pace of agent development to emphasize quality learning. This approach was designed to cultivate a team of product experts, thoroughly familiar with NuFACE products, thus significantly reducing the likelihood of errors. By focusing on quality, the training environment became more conducive to in-depth understanding, ensuring that agents were not just familiar with the products, but deeply knowledgeable, enabling them to provide exceptional support and service.

Integrated Training Approach: We implemented an integrated training approach, merging our Learning Management System (LMS) with instructor-led sessions to provide a well-rounded learning experience. This integration was crucial in creating a cohesive training environment, allowing for a more dynamic and interactive learning process. The active involvement of our performance management team during this phase played a key role in ensuring a smooth transition from training to coaching. This strategic move not only streamlined the process but also laid a foundation for ongoing improvement and skill development.

Stepping up our training game was essential—no ifs, ands, or buts. We've geared our team to master every nuance of NuFACE's offerings, pushing them from just knowing to truly owning the details. It's all about empowering them to not just meet but smash customer expectations every single time.


Process & Tools Upgrade: We initiated a comprehensive upgrade of our project management processes and tools, aiming to significantly boost efficiency and effectiveness. This revamp involved streamlining our existing tools, such as enhancing our task tracking systems for more precise and timely updates, and integrating advanced communication platforms to facilitate smoother team interactions. Additionally, we customized our onboarding process to better suit the unique demands of the project. For instance, we introduced role-specific training modules and interactive onboarding sessions, which allowed new team members to quickly acclimate to the project's specific requirements and our work culture. This meticulous approach not only streamlined our workflows but also fostered a more cohesive and agile team environment, essential for the dynamic demands of the project.

Collaborative Onboarding: Our onboarding process was transformed into a collaborative effort involving teams from various departments. By engaging experts from different areas at each onboarding stage, we maximized knowledge exposure and absorption for new team members. This interdepartmental approach ensured that our support staff had comprehensive insights and were well-equipped to handle any client-specific queries or challenges. This strategy not only enhanced the onboarding experience but also fostered a more integrated understanding of the project, aligning different departments towards a unified goal of exceptional client service.

Fig. 1 Our approach to this challenge involved four main areas

Client Communication

Open Channels for Real-Time Feedback: We redesigned our communication channels, both internal and external, to facilitate open, real-time communication. This initiative was aimed at creating an environment where feedback could be exchanged instantly and transparently. By implementing systems that supported immediate communication, we ensured that any queries, concerns, or suggestions could be addressed promptly, enhancing responsiveness and efficiency. This new framework not only improved team coordination but also fostered a more dynamic relationship with our clients, allowing for more agile and effective service delivery.

We streamlined our info flow to maximize efficiency with NuFACE, ensuring every piece of data moves like clockwork. This isn't just about keeping projects on track—it's about driving them to new heights.

Inclusive Collaboration: To enhance cross-team collaboration, we fostered inclusive collaboration by incorporating members from both NuFACE and Aventus in our communication channels, including chats and meetings. This integration ensured diverse perspectives and expertise were readily available, facilitating a more comprehensive and unified approach to project execution. It also strengthened the partnership, as team members from both companies could directly contribute to discussions, decision-making, and problem-solving, leading to more effective and cohesive project outcomes.

Performance Review

Learning and Development: We realigned the Learning and Development (L&D) paths for both agents and performance managers to stay in step with the evolving industry standards and our internal objectives. This redesign focused on ensuring that the skillsets and knowledge bases of our team members were up-to-date and in line with the latest trends and practices in the industry, as well as aligned with the strategic goals of our organization. This initiative was a key step in enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of our team's performance.

Coaching and Documentation: We enhanced the coaching process by thoroughly updating and refining our guidance documentation. This update was aimed at providing clearer direction in performance management, thereby setting a stronger foundation for agents to excel in their roles. In addition, our training team now actively updates our database with new information regularly. This ensures that both agents and performance managers have ongoing access to the most current and relevant resources, keeping them well-informed and adept in handling evolving challenges and client needs.

Winning Back NuFACE

Following the overhaul of our processes, we re-engaged with NuFACE by offering a free trial of our enhanced services. NuFACE, having conducted their own internal evaluations, recognized and appreciated our proactive efforts and improved transparency. This mutual recognition and commitment led to the re-establishment of our partnership, marking a renewed phase of collaboration between Aventus and NuFACE.

Key Success Factors

Transparent Communication

Open channels for real-time feedback allowed both parties to address issues proactively.

Shared Commitment

A mutual commitment to excellence set the stage for renewed cooperation.

Process Overhaul

Substantial improvements in training, onboarding, and performance evaluation demonstrated both NuFACE and Aventus' commitment to providing quality service.


Our experience with NuFACE taught us crucial lessons about the significance of operational excellence and effective client communication. By confronting and rectifying the root causes of our initial challenges, and overhauling our processes, we achieved more than just winning back NuFACE. This journey significantly strengthened our overall operational framework, laying a robust foundation for future projects and collaborations.

We hope this article has provided you with some insights into the challenges and opportunities that come with building and maintaining successful partnerships. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, feel free to get in touch. We can't wait to learn about you and your business!