Jan 30, 2024

A Message From Our Chief Visionary

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of Aventus' creation. Along the way, we have learned many valuable lessons, evolved, and grown substantially as a result. Although a major component of our development has been evolution and adaptation, our commitment and foundational principles remain unchanged.

Customer Service is an often-overlooked dark horse in the entrepreneurial race. While founders implement their vision in a great variety of ways, time and again it's been proven that those with a customer-first focus create the most value, and therefore enjoy the most success. Going into 2024 as the world around us exponentially increases in complexity, the ability to distinguish between signal and noise becomes increasingly important for brands in the e-commerce industry. Our solution? Listen, listen attentively and comprehensively to the one all-important source of truth your company has: your customers.

This key lesson has shown up again and again ever since I founded Aventus in 2014: the most efficient way to great products and services goes straight through customer service. Customer experience, retention, growth, it all hinges on the quality of your service, on how your brand made your customer feel when they reached out with a problem. This, among many other things, is where Aventus can help you excel, and the reason why my team and I built this company.

In the last few years, we've seen incredible technological developments with direct and significant impacts on the way Customer Service is done, and on what it can become. The AI "tide that lifts all boats" captured the imagination of the general public in 2023, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down. Despite its many strengths in data processing and "sense-making", our core value proposition is based on a fundamental human need for connection: we want to be able to project our inner experience and see it reflected back with the knowledge that the other person shares that experience. Tasks must be completed with increasing efficiency, that's true, but above all, we need to talk to another person and connect. That's where our value stands apart from the capabilities of Machine Learning, and a key component of our service that remains central and unchanged.

The next generation of outsourced Customer Service rises so far above the "putting out fires day and night" notion that holding on to it can be detrimental to your company's growth. Customer Service can be a source of customer data you can use to improve your products and services, it can be a sales channel to boost your revenue from existing users and cut down on acquisition costs, it can be a real growth driver for your business, and we can make it happen, together.

Josh Royal
Chief Visionary
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