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In business, uncertainty is a given, yet smart decisions are an imperative. The right customer service solution gives you the freedom you need to mitigate risks and forge ahead. Extract insights from your team of customer experience specialists to empower your company and maximize your reputation.


Superior customer engagement starts with superior conversations. Our omni-channel engagement solutions have helped so many industries by building customer connections. Whether engaging by phone or online, Aventus is here to amaze your customers because the outcome of every conversation matters.

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We're pleased to introduce some of our friends who are also revolutionizing the industry & consumer experience.

" Josh and his team have made the transition from our old customer service company to Aventus as seamless and easy as can be. Josh, knowing every side of this industry, has really built something special and having the peace of mind that my customers are being handled with care is priceless, Thanks Aventus!"

Stephen Lucas


" We have been working with Aventus since they opened and it is refreshing to see a company who has its clients best interest in mind. Aventus works closely with Xcaiber Solutions to handle calls and minimize charge-backs. Aventus has been key in monitoring calls that may result in charge-backs to our clients. They are a true Customer First program."

Sabina Keil

President, Xcaliber Solutions, Inc.

" You can be sure that Aventus will not only take care of your customers, but they will take care of you. Providing excellent service while being cost effective is a major part of their core competency. Aventus strives to serve their clients, and the community by giving back through charitable causes. They are a great team of people to partner with and we highly recommend them."

Justin Singletary

Managing Member,

" At Konnektive, we trust Aventus to provide our clients with the very best customer service. Companies consistently report saving more money with them due to reduced chargebacks and refund rates. Their support specialists deliver the quality and excellence that a successful business needs. Anyone looking for caring and dedicated customer support should look no further than Aventus. They will care about your business as much as you do."

Brian Bolerjack

VP Sales, Konnektive CRM