What are the benefits of working with Aventus?

Aventus offers its employees around the world a competitive income and a family atmosphere! We work all over the world but still maintain a close-knit group!

How long is your onboarding process?

Onboarding times can vary based on the scope of work. We evaluate each brand's current state and develop an onboarding plan customized for a seamless and thorough onboarding. This typically takes between 2-5 weeks.

How do you train your employees

We design customized training materials for your brand! Utilizing a Learning Management System in combination with instructor lead training we cultivate a training program that is both fun and educational. We offer certifications through our Learning Management System and multiple Helpdesk platforms.

How do you measure quality & productivity

We use a Cloud based Quality Assessment platform to measure and improve performance. We design custom score cards for multi-channel customer interactions that evaluate and measure agents' performance . Our interactive platform improves agent consistency and increases agent engagement, which in-turn improves the overall customer experience.


Where do you find your customer service experts?

Our Recruiting Team accesses a large pool of talent across multiple employment sites. We connect with and pre-screen the top candidates. We complete three rounds of interviews and follow with reference checks, video and voice recordings. Our proprietary screening process ensures that we are providing you and your team with top notch candidates who best represent your unique Brand.

Do you recruit for Seasonal Support?

Yes, we accommodate the needs of our clients which sometimes results in recruiting Seasonal talent for those up/down swings.

What are the time zone and hour expectations?

We curate schedules to meet our client’s needs which means time zone options for our teams. We offer anything from a 9-5 schedule to 24/7 service and everything in between. We also offer incentivized overtime through our bonus program.

What home office set-up must the team member have?

Our Teams are required to have a quiet workplace in their residence, preferably a separate room. We also require reliable High Speed Internet connection, Noise Canceling Headsets, and an up-to-date computer to ensure optimized quality and productivity.

What do your teams like about working from home?

Many of our team members prefer working from home as they save time/money commuting to/from the workplace. This frees them up to focus on the work in the comfort of their home.

Billing & Invoicing

How does the Invoicing work?

We invoice every Monday for the week prior. Billing terms are weekly and set forth in the service agreement signed at the beginning of our partnership.

What currency am I billed in?

Our clients are billed in USD. We accept ACH & wire transfers. We do not accept credit card payments.

What if a team member is sick or wants to take off for a holiday?

That’s a major perk to outsourcing. We account for absenteeism in our scope of work. Our clients do not miss a beat!