July 3, 2024

Our Approach to Recruitment and Training


With all the talk about AI-powered tools and services, it's easy to lose sight of the real engine of economic growth and innovation. The reason people create new products and services is to help other people solve their problems; to improve other people's lives. We're stating the obvious because increasing numbers of media outlets are voicing concerns about the changing jobs landscape and entire jobs going away because of AI. While we do see change, we also see the fundamental reason for products and services remaining unchanged: people.

At Aventus, people constitute the core of our value proposition, so we're following these developments closely. From the ubiquitous “GenAI” to the newer AI agents, the field of Customer Experience is going through a full-fledged technological renaissance. The scope and capabilities of these new tools are growing rapidly, demonstrating record levels of efficiency and autonomy. In light of this accelerating evolution, it's only natural to (over) extrapolate and conclude people will be completely displaced soon. The reality is, of course, complex and multifaceted, but, coming back to our starting point: products, services, and innovation are about (and can't exist without) people.

“Technology can enhance efficiency, but it is the human touch that drives meaningful change. At Aventus, our commitment to people helping other people remains at the heart of everything we do.”

Recruitment Strategy

2024 is a year of many changes. Boundaries are being redrawn in many domains and redesigned from scratch in many others. One thing that remains unchanging, however, is the demand for competent, adaptive problem-solvers. This is where our commitment to the human element remains unwavering. After all (and we'll keep on repeating this idea) our business is, at its core, about people helping other people.

Having made our case for “the human use of human beings”, let us share with you a few ideas we've found to be key in creating highly-performant teams in outsourced business functions. Let's start with the selection stage.

Our recruitment strategy is designed to attract top-tier talent who are highly skilled and deeply aligned with both our mission and our client's. We maintain a robust presence on major job search platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, actively engaging with potential candidates through proactive outreach and compelling job postings.

Our six-stage vetting process

Identifying the best candidates involves a meticulous process. Our 6-step vetting process ensures that only the most qualified individuals make it through:

  1. Track Record: We thoroughly review candidates' past performance and relevant experience.
  2. References: Professional references are checked to validate their credentials and work history.
  3. Three-Stage Interview: Candidates undergo initial, technical, and final interviews to assess their fit and skills comprehensively.
  4. Writing Sample: We evaluate their written communication skills to ensure clarity and professionalism.
  5. Video Sample: Candidates provide video samples to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively on camera.
  6. Phone Screening: A final phone interview confirms their suitability and alignment with our standards.

This rigorous approach not only ensures that we hire individuals who are capable and reliable but also those who share our commitment to helping others. By combining advanced technology with the irreplaceable human touch, we continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients and their customers.

Skills Assessment

The rigorous selection process is just the beginning. To ensure our team members are not only qualified but also exceptionally skilled in their respective roles, we implement a comprehensive skills assessment tailored to each position. This approach guarantees that our staff can meet the diverse and dynamic needs of our clients.

For customer service representatives, for example, our assessment covers a range of essential competencies:

  • Language Proficiency: We test for high levels of English proficiency, including grammar, vocabulary, and overall comprehension, to ensure clear and effective communication.
  • Redaction Skills: Candidates must demonstrate their ability to craft well-structured and coherent written responses, reflecting both clarity and professionalism.
  • Comprehension: Understanding customer queries accurately is crucial. We evaluate candidates' ability to grasp the context and nuances of customer communications.
  • Non-Verbal Cues: Reading and interpreting non-verbal cues, such as tone and mood in written or voice communications, helps in providing empathetic and tailored responses.
  • Soft Skills: Traits such as empathy, patience, and leadership are assessed to ensure candidates can handle a variety of customer interactions with grace and efficiency.
  • Technical Skills: For roles like bookkeeping, we test specific competencies, such as accounting principles, financial software proficiency, and attention to detail.

Brand Fit

Aligning our agents with the client's brand is crucial for fostering customer retention and loyalty. We extend our hiring practices by analyzing various aspects of each candidate, ensuring their personality and interests are well-suited to the brand they will represent.

  • Personality Alignment: We assess candidates' personalities to ensure they naturally resonate with the brand's tone and values.
  • Interest Matching: By understanding candidates' hobbies and passions, we can place them in roles where they can genuinely reflect the brand's essence.
  • Cultural Compatibility: We evaluate how well candidates can adapt to and embody the brand culture, ensuring they can provide genuine and engaging customer interactions.

Focusing on these elements allows us to provide you with a selection of agents who are not only talented but also deeply enthusiastic about the brand. This congruence improves customer engagement and loyalty, ensuring a memorable customer experience.

We curate the list, you choose the team.

At this point, we've compiled a list of candidates who satisfy all requirements and have passed our assessments with flying colors. We'll present that list to you, complete with summarized profiles for each candidate so that you can review and have final say about who makes it into your support team, giving you confidence that your chosen team will deliver the outstanding service and representation your brand deserves.

“Our approach to recruitment and training is simple: invest in people. At Aventus, we believe that human connections are the foundation of all innovation.”
Karen Ponce, HR & Talent Acquisition Manager

Tailored Onboarding and Training

In parallel to the selection process, we're getting to know your brand(s), products, policies, tone of voice, all that good stuff. Anything that will help us represent your company in the best possible way, we want to know. We'll use this information to create tailored training materials. Our trainers will learn these materials by heart so that scaling your remote teams becomes a breeze for you while maintaining the highest quality service delivery.

Learning Management System

Your brand's knowledge base* should be cleanly structured and well organized. Don't worry, we'll handle this for you. For some of these things, like your brand's warranty and return policies, we do require your input, but for many others, like soft skills and customer service best practices, we've got you covered! For most brands, training new agents is critical for many metrics such as NPS, CSAT, retention, and ultimately revenue, but it's also very time consuming, which is why people are often relieved to have a quality alternative to handling this activity in-house.

Generally, the courses in our LMS are structured around the following pillars:

  • Comprehensive Onboarding Materials: We customize onboarding materials to align with each client's unique brand, ensuring consistency in service delivery and helping new hires quickly grasp essential information.
  • Brand and Product Training: In-depth sessions educate new hires on your offerings and brand philosophy, fostering a deep connection with the brand they will represent.
  • Policy and Procedure Training: Clear guidance on company policies and operational procedures ensures compliance and efficiency, allowing new team members to perform their duties confidently and correctly.
  • Ongoing Updates and Training: Regular training sessions keep our team informed of new developments, industry trends, and client-specific updates, ensuring they stay at the forefront of best practices and service excellence.

Our learning management system is structured to effectively and comprehensively convey your brand's essence, making it easy to scale your support team as your business grows.

Ongoing Development and Support

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond onboarding and initial training. At Aventus, we prioritize the continuous development and support of our team members to ensure they remain at the peak of their performance and consistently deliver outstanding service.

Central to our approach is a system of coaches and subject matter experts (SMEs). These seasoned professionals, deeply versed in the client brand's knowledge base, play a crucial role in our support structure. They handle higher complexity issues, ensuring that challenging queries are resolved efficiently and effectively. Additionally, these experts act as mentors, guiding newer team members and helping them quickly get up to speed with the brand's intricacies and standards.

“At Aventus, we transform information into knowledge and knowledge into performance, ensuring every new hire embodies your brand's essence from day one.”
Jesus Villegas, Training Manager

To complement this, we implement a robust program of regular performance reviews and feedback sessions. These evaluations help identify strengths and areas for improvement, allowing us to tailor development plans that address individual needs and goals. By fostering a culture of continuous feedback and growth, we empower our team to excel in their roles and advance their careers.

We also offer numerous opportunities for professional development and upskilling. Our training programs are designed to keep our staff abreast of the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices. Whether it's through workshops, online courses, or certifications, we provide the resources our team needs to stay ahead in their fields.

Creating a supportive work environment is also crucial to our approach. We encourage collaboration, innovation, and a strong sense of community within our teams. This supportive culture not only boosts morale and job satisfaction but also drives high performance and retention rates.


At Aventus, we know that our success is built on the people who drive our services. While AI and automation bring great efficiencies, it's the dedicated and skilled professionals behind the scenes who truly make a difference. Our meticulous approach to recruitment and training reflects our commitment to excellence and our belief in the power of human connection.

We start by setting high standards in our recruitment process, ensuring we attract top talent who align with our clients' brands. Our thorough skills assessments and brand fit evaluations guarantee that our team members are not only capable but also passionate about the brands they represent. With tailored onboarding and continuous training, we prepare our teams to deliver outstanding service from day one.

The addition of coaches and subject matter experts provides our teams with the support they need to handle complex issues and grow in their roles. This support system helps newer team members get up to speed quickly and ensures that our clients receive the best possible service.

Technology is constantly evolving, and although we always strive to offer our clients the best performing tech stack, Aventus remains focused on the human element. We believe in people helping people, and this commitment ensures that our clients can count on us for innovative, empathetic, and high-quality outsourcing solutions.

Whether you're looking to partner with us or just curious about our approach, we hope this overview gives you a clear picture of how we maintain the highest standards in recruitment and training. At Aventus, technology and human touch come together to deliver exceptional results for your business. If this approach resonates with you and the way you do business, go ahead and schedule a discovery call, it just might be the game changer you have been looking for!