Who we are
Aventus is more than a customer service provider. We are a firm of customer engagement and care specialist dedicated to creating customer relationships that are more personal, powerful, and productive. We start by creating great customer support and help companies grow with great service and proactive engagement.

A solid foundation
With over 30 years of exceptional customer care leadership at our disposal, Aventus is the firm you need to better engage and evolve.

Over a decade ago, founder Josh Royal created a string customer relationships that pioneered a simple, powerful idea: why crank out customer service with the same approach over and over when it's better and more efficient to assemble the right components to create an empathy bridge with customers? Today, hundred of merchants and leading companies in almost every industry depend on our game-changing approach.

Eyes on the target
Royal founded Aventus in 2014 with a revolutionary vision: To deliver a quantifiable emotional connection with a customer. By embracing the power and accessibility of the sea of metrics at his disposal, Royal was able to deploy his team to unite the two seemingly antithetical notions of emotions and logic to revolutionize customer care.

Be part of our movement
This is the genesis of the #AventusApproach. After careful work-shopping, evaluating, developing, and cultivating the process, companies from a host of backgrounds and verticals came calling. We believe that this passion and dedication to our process is why Aventus is trusted by Fortune 500 and Inc. 500/5000 listed organizations. Our team of professionals and network of partners help transform the way companies effectively and efficiently juggle their hard-earned customers needs and wants.

Today, Aventus is helping thousands of customers consistently improve their merchant interaction, every day, all day. See why our platform is changing the game for modern business.

Contact us
If you’d like to learn more about Aventus and what we can do for you, please reach out. 1-800-523-1318 or email us at info@aventus.com