We are Aventus

Aventus got its start almost by accident when we found that there was simply no good customer service solution for our products. Companies are either forced to handle all their own customer service internally, which is costly and time consuming, or hire a generic third party customer service company, and settle for sub-par support.

Rather than sacrifice on the quality of the support we gave to our customers, we began the process of creating our own customer support team. Through a process of trial and error, we put together the right teams and the right processes to ensure our customers were getting the absolute best customer service.

Our email turnaround time is less than 2 days max… not business days. Actual days. And yes, those are real people responding. We put our agents to work. Our entry level training program would make them a supervisor if they ever walked into another call center. And our supervisor training…? forget about it! Each new campaign is thoroughly dissected, internalized, then delegated to the finely tuned machine that is your agent team. But don’t worry, we maintain a corporate climate here at Aventus that’ll make you reconsider your old jobs. We have genuinely happy agents here manning the phones excited for their next challenge. They wouldn’t let us post this if it wasn’t true!

Personalized Email Support:

There is a dedicated email team here at Aventus. We turn around every email right here in the good old USofA. Nothing offshore, nothing automated, and nothing in your inbox that we’ll “get to in a couple days”.

Skill Set Routing:

We take the time to get to know our campaigns, our clients, and our agents. We figure out your needs, train our agents in certain skills, and then route customers accordingly. This makes us efficient. This makes you efficient. That may sound novel, overly simplistic, and maybe a bit obvious; but in this industry we’re actually shaking things up by not cutting corners and seeing good ideas through.

CRM Integration:

We built our call center and CRM to function together seamlessly. Instead of using your CRM to just be a system that retains customer information based on manual entries, integrating our call center and marketing automation software brings in valuable customer information directly into your CRM.

Innovative Sales:

Watch us exceed your expectations. Not only do we retain more customers, we make them better customers! Our team can turn a straight sale into a continuity customer, identify better products in a client’s arsenal that the customer would love, and we’ll event give them a call if they don’t follow through with their online purchase. We are innovative and persistent when it comes to fixing cart abandonment. Also, unlike the rest of this industry, we absolutely NEVER cross clients. That means we won’t downsell/upsell your products to another client’s campaign. Nor do we do we partake in any of those “data shenanigans” that’s been a little too pervasive in this industry. We’re better than that, and our clients deserve better than that.

Bilingual Support:

Sí. Nosotros hablamos español. ¿Alguna pregunta?

Order Management:

We keep a close eye on every step of the of the product from fulfillment to the happy customer’s home.

Curated Client Specific Scripting:

Your investment, your campaign, and your results. Your scripts are proprietary and built for each new campaign to best suit your goals. We want to be your partner in this so we’ll figure out how you want our agents to convey your brand, and then we’ll figure out a way to do it better than you anticipated.

Individual Client Support:

You’ll have 24/7 access to a personal account manager. Together, you’ll build the campaign, assess results, and make any tweaks. This never becomes routine. We keep adapting because the demands of the consumer and the industry keeps evolving. Your campaigns don’t sleep and neither should your Customer Service partner.

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